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Pilots ‘at no greater risk’ of skin cancer

A recent study has found that pilots are at no greater risk of deadly melanomas than the general population of Australia.

21 May 2019 | Author: Robyn Ironside, Aviation Writer for The Australian


Pushing the Limits: Qantas

Qantas Airways Ltd, which hopes to buy planes this year for record-breaking 21-hour flights between Sydney and London has two hurdles left to overcome: getting pilots and Australia's aviation regulator to agree to unprecedented duty times.

30 Apr 2019 | Author: Reporting by Jamie Freed; Editing by Gerry Doyle


AIPA Team at IFALPA 2019 Conference in Berlin

The 2019 IFALPA annual conference held in Berlin this year. AIPA was represented by our President and some of the Safety and Technical team, along with other AusALPA delegates flying the Safety and Technical flag for Australia.

30 Apr 2019 | Author: AIPA Communications


Aviation industry losing appeal

Aviation should be an attractive industry for young Australians to join. And yet the number of Australians learning to fly continues to drop. Read the rest of Mark Sedgwick's article in The Australian here.

26 Apr 2019 | Author: Mark Sedgwick


Amendments to the AIPA Rules

AIPA is undertaking a multi-stage approach to amending the AIPA Rules, read more about this here.

12 Apr 2019 | Author: AIPA Legal


Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 Max crash findings

Australian and International Pilots Association President Mark Sedgwick said further investigation was needed but the preliminary crash report's findings were worrying. Read the rest of The Australian's Robyn Ironside's article here.

06 Apr 2019 | Author: Robyn Ironside, Aviation Writer for The Australian


Virgin Australia refutes Qantas' claims

Virgin Australia refutes Qantas' claims on proposed Cathay code-share. Virgin Australia has described Qantas's argument that its proposed code-share with Cathay Pacific would not reduce competition in the Australia-Hong Kong market as simplistic and...

02 Apr 2019 | Author: Australian Aviation


Time to review Australia’s aviation safety regime

This is the unedited version of the article by Mark Sedgwick that was published in The Australian today. The version that appears on their website and in the paper was edited by their editorial team: 'Whenever an airliner accident happens, pilots...

29 Mar 2019 | Author: Mark Sedgwick


Casa Suspends Boeing 737 Max Operations

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has joined European, Chinese and other international regulators by temporarily suspending the operation of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to or from Australia.

13 Mar 2019 | Author: Christian Boo Boucousis


US FAA says Boeing 737 Max 8 is airworthy

The US Federal Aviation Administration has told Boeing to make design changes to its worldwide fleet of 737 MAX 8 aircraft, after two fatal crashes of the new model of aircraft since October.

12 Mar 2019 | Author: AAP


AIPA submission to Proposed CAO 48.1 Instrument

AIPA President Mark Sedgwick has put in a submission to CASA’s proposed CAO 48.1 on behalf of the membership.

28 Feb 2019 | Author: Mark Sedgwick


CASA 'ignores pilots' in fatigue trial

"No one knows fatigue like pilots - they live and work it every single day of their lives and we're best placed to inform the regulator on the actual effects oflong-range flying," Mr Sedgwick said. Read more from The Australian's Robyn Ironside.

22 Feb 2019 | Author: Robyn Ironside, Aviation Writer


Qantas profit drops ...

Qantas Airways says higher fuel costs helped to drive down its half-year net profit by 16 per cent, but it would return $500 million to shareholders via an increased dividend and new share buyback program.

21 Feb 2019 | Author: David Winning @ The Australian Business Review


Qantas Trials New Fatigue System

Qantas has been given the go-ahead from the Civil Aviation Authority for a 12-month trial of a new fatigue risk management system.

15 Feb 2019 | Author: AIPA Communications


ACCC Stalls Qantas Bid for Alliance

The ACCC has launched an inquiry that threatens to torpedo Qantas’ purchase of a 20 per cent stake in Alliance Airlines.

08 Feb 2019 | Author: AIPA Communications


Qantas buys 19.9% of Alliance Aviation Services

In a sign of confidence regarding the outlook for the resources-rich states of Queensland and Western Australia, Qantas has bought a 19.9 per cent stake in regional and charter operator Alliance Aviation Services and signalled its intention to...

01 Feb 2019 | Author: AIPA Communications


Qantas Jetstar Represent Oceania in Punctuality

Qantas and Jetstar Airways have been ranked among the top 20 airlines for punctuality in 2018, a report says. The Punctuality League report from aviation consultancy OAG said Qantas was the sixth most punctual carrier of 2018, with an on-time...

25 Jan 2019 | Author: AIPA Communications


Pilots on long-haul flights fatigued, says report

One in four long-haul pilots gets less than five hours sleep the day before a commercial flight .... AIPA's Safety and Technical Director Shane Loney said the report’s findings were timely, with the CASA due to finalise new fatigue risk management...

23 Jan 2019 | Author: AIPA Communications


AIPA & ATSB sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

On Friday 16 November 2018 the ATSB signed new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Australian and International Air Pilots Association (AIPA) and the Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP). Chief Commissioner Greg Hood signed for the...

30 Nov 2018 | Author: AIPA Communications


A Note from the President

Every two years the positions in the AIPA Executive come up for re-election and I am pleased to be able to take the chair of President for the next term and to serve the Pilot group - Mark Sedgwick

15 Nov 2018 | Author: AIPA Communications


AIPA Annual Report 2017-18

AIPA's Annual Report for the year 2017-2018

09 Oct 2018 | Author: AIPA Communications


AusALPA reply to CASA's response on Fatigue Rules

In reply to the release of the CASA's response to the Independent Report on Australia’s Fatigue Rules, the Australian Air Line Pilots Association (AusALPA) has expressed disappointment in CASA’s ability to conduct itself as an Independent Regulator.

25 Sep 2018 | Author: Murray Butt


CASA Response to CAO 48.1 Independent Review

The CASA Board commissioned an independent review of Australia's fatigue rules for operators and pilots in 2017, to provide an informed basis for CASA to continue with a reform of the rules.

21 Sep 2018 | Author: CASA


Qantas switches NY flights from 747 to Dreamliner

The 747-400 will disappear from the route completely from December 1, with the 787-9 to operate on Brisbane-Los Angeles 11 times a week.

03 Sep 2018 | Author:


How a rusting Qantas 'Super Connie' was saved

The "Super Connie" was the first aircraft to feature Qantas' famous kangaroo livery, a direct reference to the key "Kangaroo Route" linking Australia to the UK.

03 Sep 2018 | Author: CNN, via Nine Finance


Regional centres battle for Qantas pilot academy

Nine regional centres are pulling out all stops to attract a prize they believe will deliver international recognition, as well as hundreds of jobs and a major economic boost. In a fierce battle normally associated with Olympic hosting rights, the...

31 Aug 2018 | Author: Robyn Ironside, The Australian Business Review


AIPA responds to the 2018 Record Bonus

Following my Altitude Magazine Article on Friday, we did not have to wait long to see Qantas management’s intentions around rewarding employees for their efforts to achieve yet another record result.

27 Aug 2018 | Author: Murray Butt, AIPA President


Qantas profit climbs despite higher fuel bills

Higher airfares have helped Qantas beat rising fuel bills and post a 15 per cent increase in net profit to $980 million for the 2018 financial year. Underlying profit before tax soared 14 per cent to $1.6 billion — a new record for the airline and...

24 Aug 2018 | Author: Robyn Ironside, Australian Business Review


Next generation aircraft under evaluation

Qantas says next generation aircraft such as the Embraer E2 and Airbus A220 plus Boeing’s proposed new mid-market airplane (NMA) are under evaluation as part of a fleet renewal program that is focused on “maintaining competitiveness of technology”.

23 Aug 2018 | Author: Jordan Chong,


Pilot academy to operate from two sites by 2020

Qantas has confirmed its proposed pilot training academy will be operating from two Australian regional centres by 2020.

23 Aug 2018 | Author:


The 747 Clocks up 47 years in the Qantas fleet

Qantas took delivery of its first Boeing 747 on August 16 1971, which means the type has been in the airline’s fleet for 47 years.

16 Aug 2018 | Author:


NASA app gives Qantas pilots fatigue test

Australian and International Pilots Association president Murray Butt said airlines had been left to self-manage fatigue, with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority yet to enforce new fatigue risk management guidelines.

10 Aug 2018 | Author: Robyn Ironside, The Australian


Qantas pilots reject plan to hire foreign pilots

MEDIA RELEASE: The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) does not agree that the purported pilot shortage in Australia is sufficient to warrant an agreement struck between Qantas and the Federal Government to relax restrictions on...

08 Aug 2018 | Author: AIPA


Qantas crew settles lawsuit decade after accident

Almost a decade after a Qantas aircraft carrying 303 passengers nosedived twice due to a computer malfunction, the last of the plane's pilots and flight attendants to have pursued legal action have settled their claims in the US against two...

07 Aug 2018 | Author: Matt O'Sullivan, Sydney Morning Herald


Risks attached to ‘two in the cockpit rule'

Australian International Pilots Association president Murray Butt said the rule’s introduction was an overreaction and the ­organisation welcomed CASA’s recommendation. “The rule was introduced without any analysis of the risk factors of having a...

03 Aug 2018 | Author: Robyn Ironside, The Australian Business Review



Jetstar group chief executive Gareth Evans says there are a number of potential new routes that could be opened up with the addition of the Airbus A321LR to the fleet in two years time.

01 Aug 2018 | Author:


Network brings the A320 to Qantas

A new flying kangaroo has taken to the skies with Qantas-branded Airbus A320s commencing services in Western Australia in April. Sourced from fellow Qantas Group subsidiary Jetstar, the aircraft are flown by Network Aviation under the QantasLink...

29 Jul 2018 | Author: Chris Frame,


Qantas plans Darwin to Hong Kong freighter service

Qantas plans to operate a once-weekly freighter service from Darwin to Hong Kong that can transport fresh produce from Australia’s Top End to Asia’s supermarket shelves and dining tables.

25 Jul 2018 | Author:


Qantas names HK as 787-9’s first Asian route

Qantas has scheduled Hong Kong as the first Asian destination with its Boeing 787-9 fleet, with flights to the Special Administrative Region to begin in mid-December.

24 Jul 2018 | Author:


Still some turbulence ahead for Qantas shares

Over the years, airlines have generally produced poor returns: for this alone I have long chastised those who even entertain the idea of purchasing shares in airlines. Yet Qantas always has its fans. Earlier this week there was another new buy call...

07 Jul 2018 | Author: Roger Montgomery


Airfare rises to elevate Qantas: BAML

Higher oil prices have dampened the sweet spot airlines enjoyed last year, but rising airfares and the prospect of capital returns to shareholders have prompted Bank of America Merrill Lynch to reinstate coverage of Qantas with a buy rating on the...

06 Jul 2018 | Author: Cliona O'Dowd, The Australian


Qantas’ ‘Queen of the Skies’ returns

Qantas will put its “Queen of the Skies” Boeing 747 back on a slew of transcontinental flights as it trains pilots amid a global grab for aviators. The flag carrier will switch the 747 jumbo jet onto particular flights between Perth and Sydney from...

03 Jul 2018 | Author: Annabel Hepworth, The Australian


New Qantas chairman Goyder to replace Clifford

Former Wesfarmers chief executive Richard Goyder has been handed the most coveted chairmanship in the nation, with the corporate high-flyer who grew up on his family’s Tambellup sheep and grain farm in rural Western Australia to become the next...

29 Jun 2018 | Author: Eli Greenblat, The Australian


Alan Joyce wants girls to consider pilot careers

Qantas boss Alan Joyce says that encouraging female school students to look to careers in the cockpit will help address the global pilot shortage. Speaking on the sidelines of the International Air Transport Association conference in Sydney, Mr...

04 Jun 2018 | Author: Annabel Hepworth


Pilots in for the long haul on fatigue as CASA seeks input

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority should “urgently” outline rules on crew composition and rest requirements specific to ultra-long range flights, the Australian and International Pilots Association has declared.

20 Apr 2018 | Author: Annabel Hepworth, The Australian


SBAS Position Paper - Benefits to Aviation

This paper outlines AusALPA's position on SBAS in Australia and its benefits to aviation.

28 Feb 2018 | Author: AusALPA


Australian pilots land $750,000 in China

Captain Murray Butt, president of the Australian and International Pilots Association, representing 2250 Qantas Group pilots, told The Australian Chinese airlines were offering salaries for domestic pilots beyond the capacity of Australia’s main...

28 Dec 2017 | Author: Matthew Denholm, The Australian


Pilots demand IT overhaul as air traffic bugs hit flight times

Shane Loney, Safety and Technical Director for the Australian & International Pilots Association – which represents Qantas Group pilots – said the Airservices Australia's system failed "at the worst possible time" and a new system should be...

06 Oct 2017 | Author: Jenny Wiggins


Senate ignores pilots to screen ground crews

The government has passed on a call by unions, pilots and terrorism experts to require airside staff — including baggage handlers, caterers and cleaners — to go through the same personal and baggage security screening as air crew and passengers. ...

11 Aug 2017 | Author: Ean Higgins, The Australian


Terror plots sets course for security overhaul

Australian Airline Pilot’s Association (AusALPA) Safety and Technical Director Shane Loney said while increased security and restrictions have been part of international flight procedure for some time, domestic flights remained vulnerable. “The...

07 Aug 2017 | Author: Farrah Plummer, Fairfax


Pilots call for ID checks on domestic flights

The peak airline pilots body has demanded the federal government require domestic airline passengers to produce photo identification before boarding aircraft , as part of a three-pronged strategy to tighten airport security. The call, made in...

04 Aug 2017 | Author: Ean Higgens, The Australian


Pilots worried about aircraft security

The Australian Airline Pilots Association is questioning why its 5000 members are subjected to stricter screening than others with aircraft access, including baggage handlers, cleaners and catering staff. "It's an inconsistency that needs to be...

04 Aug 2017 | Author: Dan McCulloch, Australian Associated Press


Pilots call for additional airport security

Australia’s airline pilots are calling for changes to airport security to bring our aviation security regime up to world’s best practice. Australian Airline Pilots’ Association (AusALPA) president, Captain Murray Butt said while airline crews,...

02 Aug 2017 | Author: AIPA Press Release


Pilots slam Boeing's 'pilotless' plane trial

Australian and International Pilots Association vice-president Shane Loney questioned why Boeing was even developing such technology. “Airlines around the world are having some difficulty getting enough pilots to fly aeroplanes — is this Boeing’s...

16 Jun 2017 | Author: Robyn Ironside, News Corp Australian Network


CASA extends deadline to review fatigue rules

The aviation regulator is delaying its deadline for compliance with new pilot flight and duty time limits for the second time in 14 months, instead holding an ­independent review into the necessity of the rule changes. The Civil Aviation Safety...

17 Oct 2016 | Author: Michell Bingemann, The Australian