The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) is a professional association that represents Qantas Group pilots in airline operations within Australia and around the world.  Our 2,250 pilot members are employed by Qantas Airways Limited, Jetstar Airways Pty Limited, Eastern Australia Airlines Pty Limited, Express Freighters Australia Pty Limited, Network Aviation Australia Pty Ltd and Sunstate Airlines (QLD) Pty Limited.

AIPA was formed in 1981 in response to the changing aviation environment of the time and the need to enhance the industrial position of Qantas pilots.


AIPA seeks to advance the employment interests of its members and, to that end, represents individuals and the membership at large both in the workplace and in the broader aviation industry.

AIPA regularly participates in regulatory, technical and government inquiries and forums to represent the interests of airline pilots.  The Association is recognised by various government and regulatory bodies as having a stakeholder interest in the Australian aviation industry. The Association is the pre-eminent voice of Australian commercial airline pilots. 


AIPA is run by pilots for pilots. It also has a team of dedicated professionals that facilitate the advancement of our members’ interests.

Our main purpose is to assist members with any issues that arise in their employment.  AIPA members receive a range of benefits which include:

  • 24 hour Scheduling Advice
  • Industrial & Legal Assistance
  • 24 hour Accident & Incident Assistance within Australia & abroad
  • 24 hour Pilot Welfare Assistance
  • Safety & Technical Assistance
  • AIPA Women's Group


The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) is governed by a Committee of Management (COM) that has the power to do all things necessary to achieve AIPA’s objectives. The COM is comprised of 40 Qantas Group airline pilots elected by and from the Association’s pilot membership.  Duties and responsibilities of COM members are outlined in AIPA’s registered rules.


The COM operates within strict governance principles and systems to ensure that as a pilots’ union AIPA: achieves its objectives, is financially accountable, complies with applicable laws and regulations and is operationally effective and efficient.

  • Captain Tony Lucas


    Tony grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney and was educated at Endeavour High School graduating in 1988. Subsequent to high school Tony was employed at the Regent of Sydney in the security department whilst funding his Unrestricted Private Pilots License through the Scouts Air Activities Centre.

    Tony was lucky enough to be selected as a Qantas Flying Training Scheme Level 1 Cadet in 1991 graduating in September 1992 before commencing employment with Qantas Airways as a Second Officer on B747-400 aircraft in January 1995.

    In 1997 Tony completed First Officer promotional training on the B767 and then in 2006 completed a type transfer returning to the B747-400 as a First Officer. Tony was a Human Factors facilitator from 2004 to 2006.

    In September 2008 Tony completed command training on B767 aircraft and was a Captain on that aircraft until it was retired from Qantas service at the end of 2014. In 2015 Tony spent a short time on the A380 as a First Officer before returning to Command on the A330 in late 2015. Tony completed his Check and Training Captain accreditation on the A330 in October 2016.

    In 2004 Tony completed a Bachelor of Aviation, a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, and a Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management).

    A member of the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) since joining Qantas in 1995, for a number of years in Tony coordinated the AIPA/ UNSW Mentoring program for aviation degree students pursuing the flying stream. Tony joined the AIPA Committee of Management in February 2021 and was appointed as AIPA’s President in February 2022.

    External to Qantas, Tony served as an airman and officer in the Australian Air Force Cadets from 1990-2010 rising from Aircraftsman (AAFC) through to the rank of Wing Commander (AAFC) and holding the role of Officer Commanding Ground Training Wing.

    Tony is married to Kayleen and they have three children aged 24 to 15. They attend an Anglican Church in Caringbah and reside in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Tony attends as many Sydney Swans matches as possible.

  • First Officer Mark Hofmeyer

    Vice President





  • First Officer Jason Lipson

    Vice President






  • Captain Phil Peatfield

    Vice President






  • Captain Theron Busby

    Vice President "A" Pilots


    Redfern in Sydney is my home again, after aviation has led me around Australia for the last 35 years. If you told me when I was growing up that one day, I would be living in Redfern I would have laughed at you but now I really love inner city living. I have two grown up children, a stepdaughter and four grandkids.


    My Dad was an aviation enthusiast who loved building model aircraft. I had hundreds, so it was no surprise that I went out and got my CPL in 1981. After several GA jobs, I was lucky to be employed by Australian Airlines in Cairns as a twin otter Captain flying passengers to the Australian Airlines Resort islands.  I moved onto the B737 in 1991 till 2019, and am now very happy to be driving a B787 around the world.


  • Captain Simon Gould

    Vice President Group Airlines






  • First Officer John Pavlou






  • Captain Alex Winslow

    Assistant Secretary


    I live in the Adelaide Hills with my wife and two children. We moved here after living in Qatar for five years. If I get spare time I like playing golf and basketball, but my favourite pastime is hanging out with my family and watching my kids grow. Hoping to start taking them on some overseas trips again as we gradually return to normal times; they love travel just as much as me.


    I started in Qantas as a SO on the B744. I then moved to the B767 flying mainly domestically. Australian Airlines mark II started in Cairns and I moved up there as a First Officer and three and a half years later got my command. After about eight years in Cairns I moved back to Sydney but it wasn’t long before the B767 was retired so with my wife and one-year-old, headed across to Qatar to fly the B777. We ended up being there for just over five years and then a B737 command slot appeared in Adelaide and we all headed back to Australia. 

  • Second Officer Glen Hunter


    Born in Brisbane, I moved to Sydney when I was young. After finishing university, I moved around the country for a few years chasing flying work before settling back in Sydney when I started with Qantas. During the Covid stand down I took the opportunity to move back to Brisbane with my partner where we now live in the inner city with Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum, our two rescue kittens. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, staying fit and active at my local CrossFit gym, and enjoying everything life in Queensland has to offer.

    After starting my flight training at high school, I completed a Bachelor of Aviation (BAv) at the University of New South Wales. I worked in general aviation for four years before starting with Qantas in 2008 as an A380 Second Officer. I was assigned to the A330 for a few years before returning to the A380 in 2017 where I am currently a Sydney based Second Officer. In 2021 I obtained my Queensland Real Estate licence and worked as a buyers’ agent where I honed my negotiating skills. I have previously served on the AIPA Committee of Management from 2013 to 2019. During part of that time, I served as Treasurer and as a member of the Long Haul EA10 negotiating team.