The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) is a professional association that represents Qantas Group pilots in airline operations within Australia and around the world.  Our 2,250 pilot members are employed by Qantas Airways Limited, Jetstar Airways Pty Limited, Eastern Australia Airlines Pty Limited, Express Freighters Australia Pty Limited, Network Aviation Australia Pty Ltd and Sunstate Airlines (QLD) Pty Limited.

AIPA was formed in 1981 in response to the changing aviation environment of the time and the need to enhance the industrial position of Qantas pilots.


AIPA seeks to advance the employment interests of its members and, to that end, represents individuals and the membership at large both in the workplace and in the broader aviation industry.

AIPA regularly participates in regulatory, technical and government inquiries and forums to represent the interests of airline pilots.  The Association is recognised by various government and regulatory bodies as having a stakeholder interest in the Australian aviation industry. The Association is the pre-eminent voice of Australian commercial airline pilots. 


AIPA is run by pilots for pilots. It also has a team of dedicated professionals that facilitate the advancement of our members’ interests.

Our main purpose is to assist members with any issues that arise in their employment.  AIPA members receive a range of benefits which include:

  • 24 hour Scheduling Advice
  • Industrial & Legal Assistance
  • 24 hour Accident & Incident Assistance within Australia & abroad
  • 24 hour Pilot Welfare Assistance
  • Safety & Technical Assistance
  • AIPA Women's Group


The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) is governed by a Committee of Management (COM) that has the power to do all things necessary to achieve AIPA’s objectives. The COM is comprised of 40 Qantas Group airline pilots elected by and from the Association’s pilot membership.  Duties and responsibilities of COM members are outlined in AIPA’s registered rules.


The COM operates within strict governance principles and systems to ensure that as a pilots’ union AIPA: achieves its objectives, is financially accountable, complies with applicable laws and regulations and is operationally effective and efficient.

  • Captain Philip Peatfield

    Vice President Group Airlines

  • Captain Theron Busby

    Vice President "A" Pilots

    Theron is the Vice President ‘A’ Pilots and has been on AIPA’s Committee of Management since 2002.


    Theron has been on the B737 since 1991 and is committed to improving the working conditions and pay of Qantas Group pilots.

  • S/O Paul Bond


  • Captain Murray Butt