Pilot Welfare

The AIPA Welfare team provides confidential peer support to AIPA members and their family members who may be experiencing significant personal difficulties with medical and emotional issues, workplace or family conflict, professional performance or financial stresses.

AIPA Welfare pilot volunteers receive training in peer support and counselling at a non-professional level. Members or families in need of expert advice will be directed to appropriate professional services and resources. We utilise AIPA’s resources and have access to a wide network of external professionals such as doctors, psychologists and financial advisors to assist our pilot members.

Contact AIPA Welfare

During office hours a Welfare Liaison Officer is available to listen to concerns and connect AIPA members to appropriate services or to another Welfare team member. The AIPA 24-hour welfare number +61 2 8307 7766 is managed by the Welfare Liaison Officers and pilot volunteers.  If you require Scheduling assistance instead, please ring the AIPA Schedulers on +61 2 8307 7711.

Other Emergency Support

Pilot Assistance Network (PAN)
AIPA supports PAN, a group of pilots and partners who volunteer to help fellow crew members and their families during difficult personal and professional situations.  Psychologists associated with PAN have extensive experience in pilot issues and can be contacted through the PAN website or by referral by a PAN or AIPA volunteer.  Further details are available at panaircrew.org

Employee Assistance Program (for Qantas Group Pilots)
Converge International supplies confidential company funded EAP services for Qantas Group employees. Further details are available by clicking here or by accessing the Converge International website or dialling 1300 687 327 or +61 3 8260 5300 (outside Australia). 

Qantas Medical
The Medical reception phone number is +61 2 9691 7645 should you require medical assistance.

13 11 14

Beyond Blue
1300 22 4636