Representing over 2250 Qantas Group pilots, the Australian and International Pilots Association is the pre-eminent voice of Australian airline pilots. Our main purpose is to assist you with any issues that arise in your employment. We are here to protect your career and the profession you are so passionate about.

AIPA is run by pilots for pilots. It also has a team of dedicated professionals that facilitate the advancement of our members’ interests. 

The current membership fee for full membership is 0.88% of your annual gross salary. This remains the lowest membership subscription fee of any pilot association in Australia.*

*subject to annual review

AIPA Membership

AIPA members receive a range of benefits which include:

  • 24/7 Scheduling Advice
  • Industrial & Legal Assistance
  • 24/7 Accident & Incident Assistance within Australia & abroad
  • 24/7 hour Pilot Welfare Assistance
  • Safety & Technical Assistance
  • AIPA communications including Altitude magazines, Insights newsletters and regular and timely email updates 
  • Member only access to AIPA's website
  • Free access to the AIPA app
  • Access to AIPA Member Deals
  • Access for our female members to AIPA Women's Group

Important Information for all SOTs (Qantas)
Second Officers Under Training are currently exempt from paying membership fees. Subscription deductions will commence only when you are checked to line. This offer is subject to annual review by the Committee of Management

AIPA Cadet Membership

AIPA offers free membership for pilot cadets participating in an eligible Qantas Group cadet scheme until employed by a Qantas Group airline. 

Please click HERE to apply for QF Cadet Membership.

Benefits include:
  • AIPA communications including Insights newsletters, Altitude magazine and regular member emails
  • Access to publications provided by IFALPA
  • Member only access to AIPA’s website
  • Free access to the AIPA app
  • In very limited circumstances, and at AIPA’s sole discretion, industrial and/or legal assistance may be provided. The level of assistance will be determined on a case-by-case basis in consultation with AIPA’s President
  • Limited accident and incident assistance in Australia and overseas, as determined by AIPA’s President

AIPA Affiliation

AIPA offers free affiliation to National Jet Systems pilots. 

Please click HERE to apply for affiliation.

Benefits include:

  • AIPA communications including Insights newslettersAltitude magazine and regular member emails
  • Access to publications provided by IFALPA
  • Access to AIPA’s website
  • Access to the AIPA app
  • Access to the YourCover Loss of Licence insurance product