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Pilots call for additional airport security

Australia’s airline pilots are calling for changes to airport security to bring our aviation security regime up to world’s best practice.

Australian Airline Pilots’ Association (AusALPA) president, Captain Murray Butt said while airline crews, passengers and air-side retail staff were thoroughly screened, other airport workers were not. “We believe it would enhance airport security if all airline staff who have access to aircraft, were screened to the same level as personnel entering through the terminal,” Capt Butt said.“ Pilots and cabin crew are routinely screened along with passengers but a lot of ground staff can access aircraft on the tarmac without the same level of scrutiny,” he said.

Pilots are also concerned that passengers can board domestic flights without adequate ID checks. “In the US, the Federal Transport Security Administration (TSA) requires passengers to present photo ID before being screened and we think that should be happening here.” Capt Butt said pilots were also concerned that airport screening was currently being performed by security guards employed by private security companies. “Now that the Federal Government has moved to centralise security agencies and our counter-terrorism response, it is time to establish a Federal Government agency to perform security screening rather than contractors. “We don’t want to be complacent and we see this as a way to make our aviation industry safer.”

“This is the time to start taking a pro-active approach to aviation security, rather than being reactive.”

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