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The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) is urging Australians to download the Federal Government’s COVID-19 tracing App.

AIPA President Mark Sedgwick said the aviation industry was in crisis and it was vital that the public recognised that Australia needed to reopen as quickly as possible.

AIPA is also in favour of re-establishing flights between Australia and New Zealand when it is safe to do so, a move which would kick-start the stalled tourism industry. 

“Our pilots are out of work like hundreds of thousands of other workers and we all need to do everything we can to get back to our normal lives and get Australia working again.” 

“With the appropriate safeguards, the COVID-19 tracing app will be a key tool in easing non-essential travel restrictions to ensure the survival of the aviation industry and Australia’s economic recovery,” Mr Sedgwick said.

“The government must ensure the application will be used solely for medical purposes and does not track the location of its users or store any data.”

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison must now ensure he brings the public along in a clear and transparent way to ensure people have confidence in the app.”

Mr Sedgwick said most Qantas and Jetstar pilots were currently stood down and not flying.

About 15 per cent of Boeing 787 pilots were crewing flights evacuating stranded tourists back to Australia.

Domestic crews are operating at around 10-15% of usual crewing capacity across the B737 and A330 fleets, flying freight and the Government's supported domestic network.  

“Aviation is an essential part of the Australian economy and it is vitally important that all of us do everything we can to get Australia back to work.”

“I am in favour of doing anything we can do to bring an end to these crippling restrictions sooner rather than later to ensure there is an aviation industry for our pilots to come back to.”

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