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AIPA Team at IFALPA 2019 Conference in Berlin

Each year, IFALPA holds a general assembly in the form of a four-day conference with nearly 500 participants, representing their Member Associations, meet with other professionals in the pilot community to discuss current developments and recommend policies to promote the highest level of flight safety. The conference includes the annual AusALPA board meeting and facilitates ties across the region and the globe. 

AIPA was represented by our President and some of the Safety and Technical team, along with other AusALPA delegates flying the Safety and Technical flag for Australia.

Pictured above the AusALPA delegates, from the left, are:
Brian Greeves, AIPA's Safety and Technical Consultant, Shane Loney AIPA's Safety and Technical Director, Mark Sedgwick, AIPA President, Louise Pole, AFAP President, Stuart Beveridge, AFAP's Safety and Technical Director, Matthew Nielsen, AFAP Representative, Marcus Diamond, AFAP's Safety and Technical Manager, Jason Lipson, AIPA's Assistant Secretary and Joanne Janes, AFAP's Operations Manager.