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AIPA submission to Proposed CAO 48.1 Instrument

"The Australian and International Pilots’ Association (AIPA) is the largest Association of professional airline pilots in Australia. We represent nearly all Qantas pilots and a significant percentage of pilots flying for the Qantas subsidiaries (including Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd). AIPA represents around 2,400 professional airline transport category flight crew and we are a key member of the International Federation of Airline Pilot Associations (IFALPA) which represents over 100,000 pilots in 100 countries.

Our membership places a very strong expectation of rational, risk and evidence-based safety behaviour on our government agencies and processes and we regard our participation in the work of the Australia’s safety-related agencies as essential to ensuring that our policy makers get the best of independent safety and technical advice.

AIPA welcomes the opportunity to continue our involvement with CASA in trying to develop and implement an appropriate range of fatigue risk management options for the Australian aviation industry that places primacy on science over the commercial self-interest of operators."

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