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 A Note from the President

At the commencement of the B744 RIN it is worth noting that the current circumstances do not reflect the situation that prevailed during the last RIN on the 767, much as that RIN was different to the retirement of the 747 Classic.  Currently, with 9 B744s in fully utilised service, divisors are above minimums. The small surplus of Captains on the B744 will exist once the first two aircraft, VH-OJS and VH-OEB, retire in the first quarter of Calendar Year 2019.  Hence the surplus of B744 Captains will not show in divisors until the retirement of those first airframes.  This means the naming of RIN affected pilots is occurring to give appropriate notice, but with divisor above minimum and with additional leave not allocated to date.  Going forward however at the time of retirement which triggers the surplus, the divisors will come down and there will be an allocation of leave in accordance with the agreement.   The company has looked at Letters of Preference and expected allocations through to FY19/20 and believes that no RIN in F/O and S/O ranks is required at this time.

AIPA and your company have consulted on the assignment of Annual Leave and Long Service Leave in accordance with the EA. Given the inevitable retirement of the B744 fleet, AIPA is of the view that it is not in the best interests of all members in the greater sense to have annual leave and LSL assigned in order to delay the inevitable move of some members off the B744, by what would amount to a short period of time only.  We will continue to have discussions with the Project Sunset team about the conduct of the RIN and remind members that they can direct questions to AIPA Reps and our Welfare teams as required at the AIPA office. 

Last week we also noted the change in vertical promotion policy and acknowledge that some pilots may feel disadvantaged by the timing of such a move.  The reality is the change of this provision, whenever it was announced, was likely to prove inconvenient at best to some pilots already in or having recently been through the training system.  We acknowledge the removal as an opportunity for some pilots to now potentially move more freely to their desired fleet type, as seniority and licensing/experience requirements allow.  We have queried the effects of such a change on the commencement of training and also on the training freezes for pilots who are currently awaiting a training start date or who may be in the training system.

This mention of changes for some Pilots is a timely moment to remind you that AIPA also maintains a panel of independent financial advisors that members can contact should they wish to discuss their personal financial circumstances.  The panel is a service provided to members at ‘arms-length’ as we are not licensed to provide or endorse advice. Details of the providers we have sourced may be found in the 'Member Login’ section of the website under the ‘Resources' and ‘Financial' tabs.

Finally we have published the final Altitude for the year and it can be found under the ALTITUDE tab in the News section of the site.




02 8307 7766

Members are reminded that AIPA Welfare will continue to provide 24-hour phone assistance over the Christmas & New Year period. Please ensure you have the number in your phone contacts.

The holiday period often brings with it strains on relationships, separation from loved ones and increased workload. Please remember that a listening ear and referral to professionals is always available. We also encourage members who have concerns about a colleague’s welfare to give us a call.

Members are also reminded that alongside the AIPA Welfare line other well-being resources are available. PAN, Qantas EAP and Base Managers can also be a point of contact if you wish to seek assistance. Combine these with the resources in the public domain such as and and pilots should feel assured that there will always be a listening ear available.


In the upcoming edition of Altitude, pilots will see an article on ‘Fitness to Fly’. This article is based on a recent combined ICAO, IATA and IFALPA publication of that name. In 2019 AIPA Welfare will take the lead from this publication and highlight its recommendations in promoting overall pilot well-being and assist in career longevity. Members wishing to purchase a copy can do so using the link below.


On behalf of AIPA Welfare we wish all our members a safe and joyous holiday season and a great 2019.

 The Safety & Technical Team would like to highlight that IFALPA have published a Position Paper entitled Use of Social Media by Pilots. You can read it HERE

The paper discusses the strong recommendation that pilots think twice and exercise extreme caution when they are tempted to make a comment online or upload photos/videos of themselves.