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7 October 2016

Nathan Safe says delaying implementation will take Australia from ‘safety regulation heroes to Third World zeros’.

Source: The Australian
Author: Mitchell Bingemann
October 7, 2016

The aviation regulator is delaying its deadline for compliance with new pilot flight and duty time limits for the second time in 14 months, instead holding an ­independent review into the necessity of the rule changes.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority said it had decided to delay the implementation of the rules after “extensive” feedback from the industry...

28 December 2017

Peter Dutton will allow foreign ​pilots into Australia on two-year work visas in an effort to fix a worsening national shortage that is already grounding planes and forcing flight cancellations.

But amid a global scramble to secure pilots, a slump in training and increasing foreign ownership of Australian training schools, Qantas pilots questioned the quality of those likely to be ​recruited to keep ​regional air routes ​operating.

“The United States and China are paying huge money and that doesn’t leave much for the sort of wages they are paying in regional Australia...

28 December 2017

Captain Murray Butt, president of the Australian and International Pilots Association, representing 2250 Qantas Group pilots, told The Australian Chinese airlines were offering salaries for domestic pilots beyond the capacity of Australia’s main carriers.

“They are talking about 737 training captains earning ­upwards of $US600,000 ($769,000) tax-free and that’s going to be difficult even for the major Australian airlines to cope with,” he said. “The evidence is out there. People have been talking about a worldwide shortage for a...

6 October 2017

Pilots have called for a new national air traffic control system to be introduced as soon as possible as software bugs exacerbate delays and cancellations caused by technical problems, wild weather and flight restrictions at Australia's busiest airport.

The most recent monthly airline performance data from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics shows that flight arrivals, departures and cancellations continue to run above historical norms, with some...

11 August 2017

CLICK HERE oo see the President Murray Butt's interview on A Current Affair.

The government has passed on a call by unions, pilots and terrorism experts to require airside staff — including baggage handlers, caterers and cleaners — to go through the same personal and baggage security screening as air crew and passengers.

Source: The Australian
August 11, 2017
​Ean Higgins


2 August 2017

Australia’s airline pilots are calling for changes to airport security to bring our aviation security regime up to world’s best practice.

Australian Airline Pilots’ Association (AusALPA) president, Captain Murray Butt said while airline crews, passengers and air-side retail staff were thoroughly screened, other airport workers were not.  “We believe it would enhance airport security if all airline staff who have access to aircraft, were screened to the same level as personnel entering through the terminal,” Capt Butt said.

30 June 2017

The government is being urged by unions to follow the lead of Europe and the US in considering emerging technologies to keep drones away from piloted aircraft.

Source: The Australian, Annabel Hepworth, 30 June 2017

Amid continued reports globally of devices coming near passenger jets, the Australian Airline Pilots’ Association has declared Australia needs to look to technologies to help minimise the risk of a collision in shared airspace.

16 June 2017
 PILOTLESS aircraft technology will be tested by Boeing this year in a development that has Australian airlines watching with interest, and pilots concerned. Robyn Ironside, National Aviation Writer, News Corp Australia Network

Speaking at a briefing ahead of next week’s Paris Air Show, Boeing Vice President of Product Development, Mike Sinnett, said the artificial intelligence technology would be tested in a cockpit simulator in coming months and flown on an aeroplane

31 March 2017

A LOOMING shortage of pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers in Australia has Qantas racing to fill the void — with women.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority figures show the total number of licensed airline pilots in Australia has remained at 7400 in the last five years, despite predictions by aircraft manufacturers another 245,000 will be needed in the Asia-Pacific by 2035.  Currently women account for fewer than five per cent of commercial airline pilots and Qantas sees a big opportunity to expand that figure during its first major recruitment drive in nine years.

31 March 2017

Source: Paul Cleary The Australian 31 March 2017

Transport Minister Darren Chester released a curious statement this week with ominous implications for air safety regulation.

Chester unveiled a new operating model for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority which says the cost of regulation is just as important as air safety, and appointed a new board member who is an ex-­Coalition staffer with no aviation experience.

The statement included a ringing...