Australian & International Pilots Association

AIPA Submissions

AIPA, through its Safety and Technical Subcommittee, is committed to protecting and advancing aviation standards and operations. The Subcommittee works to position AIPA as a key component of the aviation quality control process, through the development of relationships with Government, regulatory bodies and industry, ensuring the views of Australia's professional airline pilots are considered in important safety and technical matters.

Please click on the links below to view AIPA's recent submissions.

AIPA Comments on the Recommendations in the Final Report of the Independent Review of Aviation Fatigue Rules for Operators and Pilots - April 2018

AusALPA submssion on part 139 NPRM 1426AS Proposed Updated Rules for Aerodromes 8 December 2017

AusALPA Letter to Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development on NASF Guideline 30 October 2017

AusALPA Letter to Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development on public safety zones 25 October 2017

AusALPA submission to DP 1708OS-3 - September 2017

AusALPA Comments on the draft guide for Radiation Protection in Existing Exposure Situations - March 2017

AIPA Letter to CASA re Independent Review of Fatigue Rules - February 2017

AusALPA Media Release on CAO 48.1 - October 2016

AIPA Comments on Draft CAAP 48-1(2) - August 2016

AIPA Submission on the recommendations of the ASRR Panel - June 2014

AusALPA Letter to CASA on 9 Molonglo Drive - April 2016

AIPA Submission to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development re Western Sydney Airport Draft EIS 2015 - December 2015

AIPA Letter to Treasury re Final Report - May 2015

AIPA Comments to Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development on Scope of Aviation Security Identification Cards - February 2015

AIPA Comments to CASA on NPRM 1411AS - Unserviceability Markings and Ground Signals - January 2015

AIPA Submission to the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee Inquiry into Airport and Aviation Security - January 2015

AIPA Comments to CASA re Draft CAAP 48-1 - November 2014

AIPA Letter to CASA re NPRM 1320AS - Navigation Approvals - August 2014

AIPA Letter to OTS re Review of Aviation Prohibited Items List - July 2014

AIPA Submission to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss re Colour Vision Deficiency - June 2014

AIPA Submission to CASA NPC 139-05 - May 2014

AIPA Submission to the Aviation Safety Regulation Review - January 2014

AIPA President Introduction to Disallowance Brief - November 2013

AIPA Submission re CASA Consultation Draft - Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment (Flt Crew Licensing) Regulation 2013 - October 2013

AIPA Comments to CASA re NPRM 1213CS Addition of Safety Based Requirements for Hardened Cockpit Doors - September 2013

AIPA Submission to Consultative Draft Part 61 MOS - August 2013

AIPA Submission to NPRM 1203OS EDTO - August 2013

AIPA Submission to BOM Draft TAF Review - April 2013

AusALPA Comments on the Review of Aerodrome (TAF) Services for Aviation - March 2013