Australian & International Pilots Association

About AIPA

The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) is a professional Association and federally registered organisation representing pilots employed by the Qantas Group (currently Qantas Airways Limited, Jetstar Airways Pty Limited, Eastern Australia Airlines Pty Limited, Express Freighters Australia Pty Limited, Network Aviation Australia Pty Ltd and Sunstate Airlines (QLD) Pty Limited) in airline operations within Australia and around the world.

Representing around 2,250 Qantas Group pilots in both domestic and international operations, AIPA is the largest professional body of airline pilots in Australia. It was formed in 1981 when it separated from the Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) in response to the changing aviation environment of the time and the need to enhance the industrial position of Qantas pilots.

Broad Objectives
AIPA seeks to advance the employment interests of its members and, to that end, represents individuals and the membership at large both in the workplace and in the broader aviation industry.

AIPA regularly participates in regulatory, technical and government inquiries and forums, and is recognised by various government and quasi-government bodies as having a stakeholder interest in the Australian aviation industry.

Corporate Governance
Corporate governance principles and systems have been formulated and installed in order to ensure that AIPA:

  • achieves its known objectives;
  • is financially accountable;
  • complies with the applicable laws and regulations; and
  • is operationally effective and efficient.

AIPA is governed by a Committee of Management (CoM) comprised of 40 pilots elected by and from the whole membership. 

Office Bearers (Executive) are elected by the CoM from its own numbers and have specific powers, duties and responsibilities as specified in AIPA’s registered Rules.

AIPA's Office Bearers (Executive)

 Captain Murray Butt, President

  Murray joined Qantas in 1986 and is currently an A380 Captain.

  Murray's portfolios include Accommodation & Allowances, Long & Short Haul Rostering and Fatigue Risk Management Systems.  He is currently the President of AusALPA.




  Captain Jason Beavan, Vice President

  Jason joined Qantas in 1994 and is currently a B737 Captain.  Jason has been involved in long haul rostering for AIPA for over 20 years, and was part of the AIPA Long Haul EA Negotiating Team during the Workplace Determination (2013).  He was a member of the Long Haul EA Negotiating Team that led to EBA9.

Jason joined AIPA’s Committee of Management in 2012 and was elected to the position of Vice President in October 2013. His portfolios include Rostering, Scheduling, Accommodation, Allowances, Legal and Industrial.


  Captain Theron Busby, Vice President ‘A’ Pilots

  Theron is the Vice President ‘A’ Pilots and has been on AIPA’s Committee of Management since 2002.

  Theron has been on the B737 since 1991 and is committed to improving the working conditions and pay of Qantas Group pilots.



  Captain Brad Hodson, Vice President

  Brad has been an AIPA Vice President and Short Haul Representative since 2009, and a Committee of Management member since 2007.  He was AIPA's lead negotiator in the most recent Short Haul EA bargaining and negotiated the reduction in numbers for B747, B767 and A380 crew to avoid potential redundancies among the Qantas pilot group.

Brad negotiated the change to 28 day bids and has been involved in a number of legal cases, the long haul dispute and various types of media.  He was also the driver of the financial comparisons made to Virgin Australia.  Brad has most recently been a Captain on the B737 but is returning to Long Haul to take up a command on the B787, relinquishing the role of Short Haul representative to Jason Lipson.


  First Officer Shane Loney, Vice President

  Shane joined Qantas in 1995 and is currently a First Officer on the A380.  Shane has been on the AIPA Committee of Management since 2006 and has assisted in a number of portfolios.

  Shane was elected as Vice President in November 2013. As the Director of Safety and Technical, Shane manages the work of AIPA Safety and Technical staff and AusALPA volunteers.  His portfolios include Workplace Health and Safety and Fatigue Risk Management Systems.

  He has most recently been a First Officer on the A380 but will soon be completing a command endorsement on the A330.


  First Officer Darren Fielder, Vice President - Group Airlines

  Darren joined Jetstar in 2008 and is currently a F/O on the B787.  He has served on the Committee of Management for five years and was a member of the 2015 Jetstar bargaining team. 

As Vice President of Group Airlines, Darren has a particular interest in representing pilots from Jetstar, Express Freighters, Network Aviation and Qantaslink.   



  First Officer Adam Susz, Treasurer

   Adam is presently a B747 First Officer based in Sydney. He was a member of the AIPA Long Haul EA negotiating teams for EBA7 Variation (2011), the Workplace Determination (2013) and EBA9 (2015).  During those negotiations Adam was particularly involved in the areas of costings and economic and financial analysis. He has served on AIPA’s Committee of Management since 2006 and has held the office of Treasurer since 2008.

In addition to overseeing AIPA’s finances, Adam has responsibility for Economic & Financial Analysis, IT, and provides assistance in other areas such as research, membership, accommodation and meals, media and public relations.


  Captain Chris Hewett, Secretary

  Chris joined Qantas in 1996 and is a Captain on the B737.  He joined AIPA’s Committee of Management in 2011, and was elected to the position of Secretary in late 2014. Chris is also a member of the 2015 Long Haul EA Negotiating Team. 

  Chris has completed a Bachelor of Laws (honours), Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and a Master of Laws. Chris has also been admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia as a lawyer.


  First Officer Jason Lipson, Assistant Secretary

  Jason joined Qantas in 2002 with a background in general aviation.  He has flown the B747-200/300/400 but is currently a Sydney based First Officer on the B737.  Jason was involved in long haul rostering prior to joining AIPA’s Committee of Management in 2009. He was elected AIPA’s Assistant Secretary in October 2013.

  Jason is the Short Haul representative and serves on the Rostering and Safety & Technical committees.  He is AIPA's representative on the One World Cockpit Crew Coalition and AusALPA.



Committee of Management

Captain Steven Anderson  First Officer Jason Lipson
Captain Darren Arthur First Officer Shane Loney
Second Officer Mick Aspinall Captain Jeff Lunt
Captain David Backhouse Captain Franco Mascaro
Captain Jason Beavan First Officer Andrew McCallum
Captain Theron Busby Captain Todd Mickleson
Captain Murray Butt First Officer Jeff Munro
Second Officer Juan Cameron Captain Brett Newsham 
First Officer Skye Campbell Captain Phil Peatfield
First Officer Darren Fielder First Officer David Prosser
Captain Brett Flack Captain Stewart Roche
Second Officer Leigh Geddes First Officer Adrian Salt
Captain Russell Gillson First Officer Mark Sedgwick
Captain Michael GlynnFirst Officer Adam Susz
Captain Chris HewettCaptain Gordon Taylor
Captain Brad HodsonFirst Officer Chris Watling
Second Officer Glen HunterCaptain Cameron Wegemund
First Officer Shane InceSecond Officer Sean Winckel
Captain Barry JacksonFirst Officer Steven Woods
First Officer Matt KlaebeFirst Officer Douglas Worrall


AIPA is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) which represents two million Australian workers and their families.

AIPA is the eighth largest of 93 aircrew organisations that form the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA). In the global context, IFALPA represents 120,000 pilots and, uniquely, is one of only two bodies holding a permanent seat at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) without being identified as a contracting state. The ICAO function, under the United Nations Charter, is to internationally harmonise rules and procedures for the civil aviation industry.  

In all business with IFALPA, AIPA shall be known as the Australian Air Line Pilots’ Association (AusALPA). AusALPA is the IFALPA Member Association in Australia and is made up of AIPA and AFAP.

AIPA is a partner of the Oneworld Cockpit Crew Coalition whose principal objective is to provide a cooperative forum for its member organisations to address matters of common interest affecting pilots within the airline companies who comprise the Oneworld Alliance (presently Air Berlin, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN, Malaysian Airlines, Qantas, Qatar, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, TAM Airlines and US Airways) and their major codeshare partners.